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Company Name: My Medical Choices Owner name: Dr Hemani Thukral Address: PO Box 1412 Strathfield, NSW 2135 Phone: + 61 2 9648 2780 Fax: 02 -9267 8979 URL: Email: Keywords: Surgery overseas Short Desccription: MyMedicalChoices (MMC) is Healthcare International Australia’s initiative focussed on consumers, for facilitating overseas treatment in India and Australia. We believe, medical tourism industry faces a number of challenges while offering benefits to the individual and potentially society and the health care system. At MMC, our focus is individual’s outcomes and experience. We put person (patient) first! MyMedicalChoices goal is to strive for excellence in facilitating dental and medical travel internationally, specialising in India. MyMedicalChoices was founded by Dr Thukral founded in 2007 in Australia, to provide an avenue to support consumers who are learning about their alternate choices for overseas treatment, specialising in India. She is Director of Healthcare International Australia which is focused on supporting health care transformation by designing / redesigning new, effective, efficient and person-centric models of care. Long Desccription: MyMedicalChoices is an independent healthcare facilitator for overseas treatment in India and Australia. MyMedicalChoices derives its values from its parent company Healthcare International Australia (HIA), that is safety and quality of care, wellbeing and affordability. MyMedicalChoices services span across end-to-end journey from home to overseas to returning home. MyMedicalChoices provide professional services, support and medical tourism alternatives for individual’s seeking overseas treatment in India and Australia. It includes treatment and travel co-ordination, safety, wellbeing and providing better value for money. MyMedicalChoices objective is to become First consumer choice for medical tourism globally. MyMedicalChoices is underpinned by the founder’s foresight and vision to develop medical tourism in a systematic and integrated manner between the countries. Dr Hemani Thukral is pioneering development of an International Model of Health Care (IMOHC): ‘A person centric model of care in the international context that focuses on outcomes and experiences, at an affordable cost’. IMOHC is fundament to MyMedicalChoices. MyMedicalChoices is at the forefront of leading the development of the global phenomenon of medical tourism in a responsible manner. MyMedicalChoices is a patient advocate by ‘putting the person first’ (before numbers). Our strengths lie in deep understanding, knowledge and expertise to develop health care solutions in the international context. We envisage, that individuals (patient, person, consumer) care can thrive, if medical tourism is developed systematically and in an integrated manner. MyMedicalChoices has facilitated complex cases and first case of robotic heart surgery for an Australian who did not want to take risk involved in open-heart surgery (as compared to robotic heart surgery that has lower risk and quicker recovery), and out of pocket cost that was unaffordable. The patient and his family had a positive outcome and experience. It is pertinent that a systematic and integrated approach to developing medical tourism is undertaken through collaboration. Moving forward, MMC is developing key collaborations with high performing health care organisations and key stakeholders to provider better outcomes, experience for the individuals seeking overseas treatment, and create a learning environment for continuous improvement. hours: mon to fri 9 am - 5 pm Year Start: 2007


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